Improve Memory with a Happy and Healthy Environment at Allerton House

There are many mysteries yet unsolved when it comes to the human brain’s amazing capacity to think, feel, reason, remember and adapt. We’ll leave the complexities to the scientists and offer some common-sense advice about how to boost your brain’s memory power at any age.

Just remember, the things we do to keep ourselves physically and emotionally healthy keep the brain going strong, too. This is particularly helpful as we age. Allerton House Assisted Living Communities in Duxbury, Hingham, Marshfield, Quincy and Weymouth, MA are continually seeking ways to help residents maintain memory function while enjoying life.

Feed your body to feed your brain. Include colorful fruits and vegetables in your snacks and meals; try some green tea, and enjoy fresh fish and lean meats. Welch Healthcare & Retirement Group’s Allerton House Assisted Living in southeastern Massachusetts offer healthful foods and heart-healthy menus, and encourages residents to create “Victory Gardens” when the weather is warm enough in late spring.

  • Stay active to nourish the brain by increasing blood flow and bringing it vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Many Allerton House Communities have pastoral walking paths or offer tai chi classes,  Wii™ fitness, strength training, basketball, or low-impact aerobics. One Welch Group community offers onsite water aerobics.
  • Try new things to create new brain power. The brain has a wonderful ability to grow and change. Give it a boost with new activities that are challenging and fun. This might include playing Bridge or joining an Allerton House book club, travel club or introductory class for the Apple iPad®.
  • Get enough sleep. Researchers believe the brain consolidates memories while we are sleeping.
  • Enjoy time with others in the Welch Group’s Assisted Living Communities.
  • Take steps to eliminate stress and anxiety, which can lead to the loss of brain cells and impede memory skills. Making your home at Allerton House can take away common stressors such as the worries that come with home maintenance or concern about one’s safety.

Most importantly, take care of yourself and have fun. Not only will you be creating new memories, but you’ll also be giving your brain’s memory-power a terrific boost.

If you or a loved one has concerns about a memory care issue, consult your personal physician or medical care provider. You can also visit the Welch Group online to inquire about services and housing options at

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