Create a Holiday Season That Makes you Smile

Is the holiday season really that different from other times of the year? Of course it is! The next few weeks bring great opportunities for joy and happiness. But so many opportunities all at once can be overwhelming. So what is the trick to celebrating the holidays without feeling stressed? Here’s an idea. Do what makes you smile and don’t worry about the rest.

Go ahead and do the things that truly make you happy. Plan on how and when to do them so you don’t feel pressured for time. But cut yourself some slack if your usual holiday traditions—from cooking and baking, to shopping and hosting—begin to feel like burdens. Lighten your load; free up more time; and appreciate the wonders of the season.

Do seek out occasions to share holiday joy with family and friends. Call someone who is too far away to visit; you’ll both end up smiling. Attend a musical event; you’ll find yourself humming happy tunes for days to come. Celebrate the holiday season in ways that make it the most wonderful time of the year for you, and the joy you feel will become contagious.

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