About Allerton House Assisted Living Communities


Is Assisted Living for You or Someone You Know?

Allerton House Assisted Living communities along the South Shore of Massachusetts provide a sensible, affordable option for seniors who don’t require the round-the-clock care of a nursing home, yet may need help with the activities of daily living. It may be as simple as help with grooming or a reminder to take medications – or just having someone to listen. At Allerton House, we understand that independence is important and dignity is invaluable. Learn more about our Allerton House Assisted Living residences, along Boston’s South Shore. Contact us today for a complimentary luncheon & tour!

Our Residents . . .

If you are unsure if Allerton House Assisted Living is for you or someone you know, please refer to the criteria below.

  • May require minimum assistance with bathing, grooming, and dressing.
  • Are mobile with the aid of a wheelchair, walker, crutches, braces, or may need the occasional assistance of an escort.
  • Are able to transfer independently if using a wheechair.
  • May need reminders or management of self-administered medication.
  • Are able to attend daily meals in the dining room with minimal assistance.
  • Have the ability to choose and participate in social, recreational, educational, and fitness programs.
  • Are oriented to person, place, and time with minimal assistance.
  • Are able to function safely alone within their apartments and are aware of appropriate use of emergency call systems.
  • May be occasionally forgetful without affecting their safety.
  • Are continent or have self-managed incontinence.
  • Are able to monitor and self-manage insulin and oxygen.

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